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Corolla News – Early Summer Edition

Paid Firefighters and Paramedics for Corolla – Currituck County commissioners recently approved a new fire district for Corolla that will fund year-round paid firefighters and paramedics for Corolla’s two fire stations. These stations previously relied on volunteers along with paid paramedic trained firefighters and this change will take effect July 1. The newly established fire district comes with a price tag of $.05 per $100 of valuation and the county hopes to reduce this cost. For the full story visit

Corolla Civic Association – Don’t forget to join the Corolla Civic Association to stay up-to-date on Corolla interests and be part of the voice in your community. Click here for a membership application.

Carova Beach Parking Permit – A beach parking permit is now required for 4wd areas in Currituck County. Please visit Currituck County’s website for more information and application. This permit is required Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Slow Down – Summer speed limits are now in effect for Duck and Corolla, this reduces the speed limit from 45 to 35. This seasonal slow down is in effect until September 15. The speed change is also a good reminder to be alert for pedestrians and bikes throughout your travels. Also, please don’t forget to stop at all crosswalks with pedestrians present. For more information on traffic concerns, cams and more visit NCDOT.

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