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Keeping Things Fun and Entertaining During a Quarantine

Calling Julie, Our Cruise or Quarantine Director

During this new world of “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” and travel only for essential needs, life can become well…boring. As we try to keep life fun, light and interesting, what are you doing to entertain your crew?

We see stories of theme dinners, dinner dress up, outdoor movies, drive-by birthday celebrations, Zoom calls with your friends and family and family field trips, there seems to be endless ideas out there. When we first began this quarantine, I felt a little like Julie, the cruise director, from the Love Boat with meal planning and evening entertainment.

What are we doing, you might ask? How about Christmas lights in April, game night, live-streaming music concerts and over-the-top (in effort) dinners. It almost feels like a life once lived meaning memories of your childhood, when life seemed much simpler and slow. A family game night was just a normal thing and people actually engaged with one another at the dinner table. I have to say I hope we can keep those moments going once life returns to a faster pace with so many obligations.

We want to know, what fun things are keeping life exciting for you? What things do you hope will continue in a post-quarantine world? Whatever those answers might be, here’s to hoping some good and change will come from all this craziness.

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