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To be, or not to be, that is the question. Or is when, the real question?

Let’s talk about the Mid-Currituck bridge and a recent decision that is causing quite a buzz on social media. According to an article posted by Outer Banks Voice, on March 8, 2019, the NC Turnpike Authority received a ‘record of decision’ from the Federal Highway Administration. The Outer Banks Voice also stated, “A need for an east-west crossing of the Currituck Sound was first identified in 1975 and formal planning began in 1995 by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The Turnpike Authority became involved in the project in 2006 when local leaders considered funding the project with toll revenue.” Well here we are, 44 years later from the initial identification to 24 years later on the planning and 13 years after the state got involved – what a long process.

In my mind, the real questions are if and when. When a project takes this amount of time to make its way to approval and funding, it would seem to not be a priority for anyone?

After the 3/6/19 decision by the Federal Highway Administration and US Department of Transportation, the Southern Environmental Law Center issued a press release about the recent ‘record of decision’ and lack of public process during this  approval. At this time, SELC is made up of 80 attorneys and 9 offices and is currently reviewing NCDOT processes and coordinating with their clients for next steps. The clients mentioned in this press release are North Carolina Wildlife Federation and No Mid-Currituck Bridge also known as NoMCB. So, we can assume next steps are lawsuits similar to ones that delayed the newly completed Marc Basnight Bridge for many years. Not to mention, the Marc Basnight bridge was nearly half in size and cost  of the proposed Mid-Currituck Bridge.

Tell us your thoughts – Do we need a Mid-Currituck Bridge? Would a $50 toll prevent you from using? Are you concerned on how this would change Corolla?

Link to Outer Banks Voice full article:

Link to Southern Environmental Law Center press release:

Link to NCDOT press release:

Link to FHA/USDOT/NCDOT/NCTA Record of Decision:

Link to NoMCB:

Image Credit: NCDOT


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