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Are you toying with the idea of buying a primary or second home in your favorite vacation spot? The Beach is most often associated with rest and relaxation. The sea breezes, ocean tides, and warm sand between your toes can alleviate the stress of daily life. While a vacation at the beach can reduce your stress levels for a moment, purchasing a beach property can give you the same benefits whenever you desire! Read on as we introduce you to the beach lifestyle you are dreaming of!

Location Can Make Or Break Your Beach Lifestyle

You know you want to own a home in the Outer Banks area, but where? Owning a home near the beach puts you right where most people only dream of vacationing. You have constant access to the ocean, and that is enormous! No planning required, no packing of a car, no sitting in traffic, or spending lots of money when you want to swim in the ocean or stroll on the beach. You get to grab a towel and a book and enjoy your warm sandy “yard”. Heavily consider your needs and desired area when looking for your new beach home. What makes an area more desirable than another? Is it close to restaurants, bars, and a great nightlife? Does it offer seclusion and tranquility? Are property values in these areas showing steady appreciation rates? These are fantastic questions, and we are sure you have more. Make a list of your “must-haves” before you begin looking.

A Beach Lifestyle Is Good For Your Health

Living by the water has calming effects on our minds and bodies. We experience less stress and anxiety when we regularly spend time near the water. The sound of waves crashing, cool breezes, and wildlife are perfect for boosting creativity, healthy sleep, and lower stress levels. Everything seems easier at the beach, exercise included. From long walks, strolls around town on your bike, or swimming in the ocean, coastal living comes with limitless options for exercise. Bonus – you’re breathing in the sea air; this alone makes exercise more fun.

A Beach Lifestyle Can Feel Like A Year-Round Vacation

We automatically associate vacations with beaches and fun! This means living a beach lifestyle can feel like a never-ending vacation.  Looking out your window to see the most beautiful sunrise and stunning waves hitting the shore feels like a dream come true – what is more relaxing than that?  In your free time, you can always take a sunset walk down the beach, swim in the ocean, or work on your tan. This can be everyday life!

Purchasing A Beach Home Can Be A Good Investment

Maybe you want a part-time beach lifestyle. Buying a property near or on the beach can be a fantastic investment. Not just an investment in your health, and happiness but in your financial future. If you don’t plan on spending all of your time at your new beach home, you can rent it out for part of the year to offset the cost of ownership, fully enjoying your beach lifestyle during times of vacancy.

Whether you’re looking for an investment opportunity, or just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, living by the beach is a terrific idea. Have you decided it’s time to live an OBX lifestyle? Matt Myatt and Team would love to find the perfect property in your desired Outer Banks location!